Napa's AMA sanctioned RC flying club

Club Rules
1. Flying permitted from 8:00 am to dusk, 7 days a week

2. No one under the age of 16 is allowed on the flight line or in the pit area unless they are a qualified pilot or a student pilot under the supervision of a club member.

3. All club members are required to do their part in maintaining the cleanliness and material condition of the field, pits, and surrounding area. This includes not only trash but also wrecked or broken aircraft parts. The disposal of such items is the responsibility of the owner. Take it with you when you leave.

4. All aircrafts will have inside in a conspicuous place the name, phone number, and AMA number for each aircraft flying.

5. If in the opinion of the safety coordinator or 2 or more safety officers, a pilot’s flying ability or aircraft airworthiness creates a hazard, he or she will be required to cease flying and make corrections in their aircraft or fly with an instructor present until such time as he or she is deemed safe to fly.

6. Smoking and open flames are not permitted on the mats. Dispose of all butts.

7. Chasing birds or other wildlife with aircraft is prohibited.

8. A fire extinguisher and first aid kit will be present at all times.

9. Fuel spillage must be cleaned up. Starting tables must be cleaned after use.

10. No alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind will be allowed at any time. Expulsion penalty.

11. If retrieval boat is used, clean up before stowing away.

12. Hi-start equipment must be set up west of and parallel to the runway.

13. All pets must be controlled and picked up after.

14. Lock and latch all gates or doors you opened if not in use by another member. Last member to leave must lock all doors and gates.

15. It is mandatory that guests be escorted by the host member, and that guests remain under the direct supervision of the host member at all times. The host member will insure that guests are informed of the rules and that they will comply with all the rules and regulations in forced at the field
A. Non-AMA guests may fly a club member’s aircraft at the field if the member is a qualified pilot and remains ready to take over anytime the guest is flying. The member will make all takeoffs and landings
B. Guests who are AMA members will be allowed to fly their own aircraft after demonstrating to a club instructor their flying proficiency is satisfactory.
C. Guests will be required to join after 2 flying visits.

16. Engines permitted:
A. Two cycle glow
B. Four cycle glow
C. Multi cylinder glow
D. Multi engine glow
E. Gas 50cc or smaller with remote kill switch
F. All electric motors

17. Not permitted:
A. Any fuel/gas turbine
B. Pulse jet engines

18. Aircraft weighing more then 18 lbs are not permitted.

19. Mufflers required on all engines .10 CID and above.

20. No flying east of the 4 foot fence line.

21. No stunt flying over the walking path.

22. Do not fly low over walking path.

23. Do not fly higher then 400 ft at anytime.